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Cultural Jamboree in Karnataka. December 2022.


We conducted in-depth research using academic papers and international reports, as well as conversations with young people, adult leaders, National Scout Organisations and WOSM structures to better understand where the Movement sits today, the challenges we will face tomorrow, and the direction we want it to go over the next decade. This insight formed the foundations of our draft strategy!

Youth Talks

We kick started a global consultation with young people aged between 15 and 29 years old. Over five months, we received 929,600 contributions to help us better understand their needs and realities today as well as the expected challenges of tomorrow.

Online research

We gathered and analysed data - both from within and outside Scouting - to better understand our Movement, capturing information on the new trends, needs, and challenges facing young people, our National Scout Organizations, and global society today and in the future.

Focus group discussions

Young Scouts, adult leaders, and leaders in national roles took part in 20 focus groups. Emphasising the diversity of our Movement, the groups represented different Regions, genders, ages, roles, and levels at World Scouting.

Testimonials from the focus group discussions

"The consultation session provided us with a platform to reflect on how we envisage Scouting in the long term. It encouraged out-of-the-box thinking and challenged us to think beyond our individual roles in the Bureau.”
Marko Pankovski
Manager, Membership Growth, WOSM
"I feel like during these sessions, I was heard and respected by everyone and that my opinions and ideas were valued and all our ideas were treated equally does not matter where you were from."
18 years old, South Africa