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Next Strategy for Scouting

A roadmap for the future of our Movement

Creating a bold vision

We are building the Next Strategy for Scouting, an ambitious project that captures the dreams and aspirations of Scouting for the next decade. 

This forward-looking roadmap will enable us bring Scouting to more young people and reach more communities by building on our past successes and setting bold new goals that will drive Scouting forward, clearly positioning it in the world, ensuring its continued relevance and impact for millions of young people worldwide.

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Forging a new path forward together

World Scouting develops a new strategy roughly every ten years, reflecting new trends and opportunities for our Movement.

With our current strategy, known as “Vision 2023″, soon coming to an end, work began in mid-2022 on developing a new Strategy for Scouting. Thanks to the dedication of our members, we have now developed the proposed strategy which is expected to be approved at the World Scout Conference in 2024.
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National Scout Organizations involved from six Scout regions
focus groups run during the research phase

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We want to hear from you!

Since starting this project in mid-2022, we’ve already achieved so much! From in-depth research to focus groups and workshops, to feedback gathered through the validation phase, these efforts have led to the development of the proposed strategy. And now it’s your turn to engage on the proposal! Help us shape the future of Scouting by giving us your feedback.

"As we embark on this next phase of developing our future Strategy for Scouting, we are looking to hear from NSOs, young people, volunteers and all of Scouting's stakeholders to capture their aspirations, feedback and inputs on our first draft of the next SfS and help shape the future for our Movement."
Jo Deman
Vice-Chairperson of the World Scout Committee and Lead of the Strategy for Scouting Working Group
"Strategy for Scouting defines our Movement’s long-term ambitions and direction by outlining essential areas that Scouting must focus on to continue to be relevant, increase our impact, and grow our Movement.”

Ahmad Alhendawi
Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement

Strategy development journey

The strategy will define the long-term ambitions and direction of our Movement, outlining key focus areas for Scouting to remain relevant, enhance impact, and foster growth. It is being developed in five distinct phases:

September – December 2022
January – June 2023
July – December 2023
January – August 2024
September 2024 onwards
We gathered data from focus groups and academic papers on new trends, needs, and challenges facing young people and society, laying a solid foundation on which to build our new vision and next Strategy for Scouting.
A first draft of the strategy, called "Draft 1", was developed following more discussions and a prioritisation workshop with stakeholder groups, including representatives from National Scout Organizations.
The stage will see stakeholders provide feedback on the draft strategy, teams conduct a resource assessment, and the early development of the Triennial Plan for 2024-2027, which will kick off the implementation of the new strategy.
The draft strategy will be fine tuned before being presented for approval at the World Scout Conference in August 2024.
National Scout Organizations will receive support so that they can successfully adapt their strategic plans and WOSM structures can achieve the new strategy within the organisation.

News and circulars

Scouting convenes to draft next Vision & Strategy

More than 60 representatives from National Scout Organizations and WOSM structures met for a collaborative workshop to develop a first draft of the next Vision and Strategy for Scouting. Read more.

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Open call for Strategy for Scouting focus groups

World Scouting established a range of stakeholder focus groups to gather feedback and input for the new Strategy for Scouting, ensuring that the Movement is fully represented at different phases of the Strategy’s development. Read more.

Research phase for the next Strategy for Scouting

With the current Strategy for Scouting coming to an end at the 43rd World Scout Conference in 2024, the World Scout Committee assigned a strategy group to coordinate the development of the next version of the strategy. Read more.