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Beyond 2023

A roadmap for the future of Scouting

Creating a bold vision for the Scout Movement

We are building an ambitious new strategy and vision to take us into the next decade. As the world’s leading educational youth movement, this forward-looking roadmap will enhance our outgoing Vision 2023 Strategy by strengthening the Movement’s goals and reflecting trends impacting millions of young people around the world.

Scouts using each other's backs to write

A global consultation for young people & members

Are you aged 15 to 29? If so, we invite you to take part in our global youth survey! We are collaborating with Youth Talks to reach out to 50,000 young people from 150 countries. Share your ideas and opinions about their aspirations for the future, and actively participate in shaping our Movement for years to come.

Shaping our future together

Make your voice heard. We are ensuring a fully inclusive strategy that represents our diverse Movement. Scouts from all walks of life can take part in exciting current and upcoming opportunities for engagement, including global surveys and focus groups.

Young people

Scouting is made for young people by young people. As active citizens, Scouts are shaping the shared future of their movement.

Adult volunteers

Volunteers make Scouting possible, and are giving their time and skills to create a better world.

National Scout Organizations

Our 173 Member Organizations are taking part to empower young people as future leaders in their communities.


Our partners are turning their ideas of a better world into a reality.

"As we start planning-forward beyond 2023 and begin to develop our future Strategy for Scouting, we are working to create an inclusive process that allows all National Scout Organizations, young people and other stakeholders to help shape the next vision for our Movement."
Jo Deman
Vice-Chairperson of the World Scout Committee and Lead of the Strategy for Scouting Working Group
"Strategy for Scouting defines our Movement’s long-term ambitions and direction by outlining essential areas that Scouting must focus on to continue to be relevant, increase our impact, and grow our Movement.”

Ahmad Alhendawi
Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement

Strategy development journey

Our new Strategy for Scouting will define our Movement’s long-term ambitions and direction by outlining essential areas that Scouting must focus on to continue to be relevant, increase our impact, and grow our Movement. It is being developed in five phases:

September – December 2022
Data gathered will inform a better understanding of the current status of our Movement. Surveys, focus groups, and academic analysis will capture new trends, needs, and challenges facing young people and society, and lay a solid foundation from which to build our new vision and next Strategy for Scouting.

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September – December 2022
January – June 2023
Key strategic priorities will be identified and a prioritisation workshop held with stakeholder groups, including representatives from National Scout Organizations, towards building a draft of our next Vision and Strategy.
January – June 2023
July – December 2023
Stakeholders will provide feedback on a draft strategy in parallel with a resource assessment and the early development of the Triennial Plan for 2024-2027, which will kick off the implementation of the new strategy.
July – December 2023
January – August 2024
The draft strategy will be fine tuned before being presented for approval at the World Scout Conference in August 2024.
January – August 2024
September 2024 onwards
Support will be rolled out to National Scout Organizations so that they can successfully adapt their strategic plans to the new strategy and for WOSM structures to achieve the new Strategy within the organization.
September 2024 onwards


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